Monday, January 24, 2011

Back Yard Green House

Before Mel and I left for our New Year's vacation, I built a small green house over our garden bed. I wanted to make sure our plants, mainly the tomato plants, survived the winter. Here's how I did it.
First I built this frame at the end of the garden bed. When I sized up this project, I found that the back fence was really sturdy as well as having small holes in just about the right places to attach bailing wire for my frame. So that's what I did. I built the frame and securely attached it to the bottom of the garden bed 2x6. Then I carefully drove in some roofing nails that I had into the top of the frame. These nails are what I fastened the bailing wire to.
After securing the bailing wire to the fence and my frame it was time weed the garden bed and put some clear plastic over it all.
At the bottom of each side, I stapled the plastic to the bottom of the bed. For the front I just folded the excess plastic around, like I was wrapping a present. For the time being I used duct tape to hold it all in place.

Since building the green house, several problems have arose. One was rain. As it turns out, the 2x6's that were used to frame the garden bed were not as securely fastened to each other as they had appeared. Regardless, I don't think this structure secure or not would stand up to a large puddle of water on it's roof. As it turns out, the frame I built was pulled over due to a puddle on the roof. Luckily our house sitter worked it out temporarily while we were out of town. However there is more bad news. Late last week, I was getting ready to fix it, when I came home from work to find the plastic all gone. Bummer. Unfortunately there are a lot of bums in Downtown San Jose with sticky fingers.... And of course now, we seem to be going through some sort of warming trend, so I have no need for it at the moment. When it decides to get cold again, you'll be able to find me back at the drawing board.

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