Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beautiful Avacado

Mel got this and two other beauties from one of the guys that are also in her program. This was the first one I cut from the three. I couldn't pass up taking a photo. I've been trying to sprout the avacado seeds, but no luck yet. Someday, Mel and I hope to own some property of our own and have a wide variety of fruit trees and as well as an extensive garden. The avacado tree will no doubt be a part of this.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ricotta Sun-Dried Tomato and Pepperoni Pizza

This is pizza is: sun-dried tomato tapenade with ricotta cheese, pepperoni and sauteed onions and tomatoes in regular and white balsamic vinegar and wine. I've got to find a better way to transfer these pizzas from my work surface to the pizza stone in the oven. Some of the crust came unrolled on part of this pizza. The end result is that where it unraveled, the crust was dry. On the other half that didn't unroll, the oils from the tapenade seeped into the crust and kept it oily and moist.